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Here is every one of the realities about the hair-raising blue water!


Everybody who has lost their hair has a care product that they talk about recently: Blue serum. Blue water, which is claimed to be a hair remover, is said to stop hair loss and make hair more lush. Does blue water, which is thought to be the solution to the problem of baldness, especially in men, really produce hair?

Blue water hair spray is now available everywhere that sells herbal products. While blue water hair lotion has become so popular, we, as the editors of sacsirlari.com, have not left this product without reviewing it and have recently taken it to our brand. Is blue water hair care really as effective?

What is blue water that produces hair?

Blue water hair serum is a hair product that is made up of some herbal mixture found in places selling herbal mixtures. Blue water contains some ingredients that are thought to prevent hair loss. Among these ingredients are horsetail plants, white pods, notch roots. However, it is unclear how natural these substances are in blue water, or even whether these substances actually exist.

Blue water is said to be the main task of strengthening the hair follicles to support hair growth and healthier. People with weak hair, sparse hair, and regionally gaps in their hair buy blue water spray, which will work.

Note from the editors of Sacsirlari.com: It is not possible to know the exact contents of the blue water serum sold in herbal products. This product, which is applied directly to the scalp, can damage the scalp, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, and may cause a danger to the health of the hair. Worse, hair can be deeply irritated, inviting to various scalp diseases.

What’s the blue water that does hair?

Normally, as the blood circulation increases, the hair strands grow faster, become thicker and appear brighter. Blue water is also said to nourish hair and improve blood circulation. Blue water sellers also say that this product cleanses the sebum accumulated in the pores of the scalp, so that the hair follicles grow more healthy. But every healthy human body produces sebum. This sebum is also produced in the scalp and is actually beneficial for the hair of the sabum. It is not possible to block the hair follicles due to sebum in people who regularly clean their hair and use the correct shampoo.

Editor’s suggestion: If you have very oily scalp, you can take control of sebum on the scalp by using hair masks applied to the scalp once a week.

Does blue water remove hair?

When we look at the comments of blue water in some people damage the scalp, we see that the skin shows allergic reactions. Whether or not the blue water is original, the ingredients in it can cause reactions such as tenderness on the scalp, itching, redness, exfoliation.

There is an important point to remember about blue water. The cause of hair loss in each person may be different. Different factors such as hormone problem, genetics, environmental factors, wrong shampoo use or drug use trigger hair loss. Therefore, we do not recommend using this product for hair loss without being sure of the content of hair remover sprays such as blue water.

Should he use blue water?

Blue water is a mixture found in places selling herbal products as mentioned in the hairspray. We don’t know exactly what’s in this mixture. There are many blue water under different brands in the markets but as Hair Secrets.com editors we do not recommend the use of blue water for hair loss problem. Recently, the Ministry of Health warned that hair remover blue water, people over the age of 40 can create a risk of heart attack.

You should use hair care products suitable for male pattern hair loss in order to remove the hair, you should not be surprised by the brands you trust. Hair care products sold in beauty markets are both safer in content and risk-free for your health.