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The tricky point of wearing high heels


What are the secrets of being comfortable with high heels? Wearing high heels is an art word that belongs to fashion icons. What are the tricks of wearing high heels?

We share with you what you need to know in order to be able to wear comfortable high-heeled shoes that show women slim and elegant and to walk comfortably like wearing sports shoes.

The first step is not to be afraid of heels.

If you are not used to high-heeled shoes, use low heels instead of very high heels.

Platform models will not be suitable for daily use, as this will cause your feet to curve.

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Be sure to get a flat-bottomed shoe with you, as the flats take up little space and can be a suitable alternative.

You can prevent it from slipping by squeezing a little hair under the shoe. This is the most commonly used method on the catwalk models.

If you’ve bought shoes with high heels that you’re not used to, do some little exercises at home.

With heeled shoes, it will be difficult to drive a car, so get a flat-bottomed shoe in your trunk.

As you climb up the stairs, descend as elegantly as you are careful.

If heels remain in your feet for long hours during the day, put a high pillow under your feet when you come home in the evening. Your blood flow is regulated.

If the shoes are too big for your feet, pour some talcum powder inside. If it sounds small, you can spray the hairspray.

The day before you wear heeled shoes, you can apply bepanten to your feet. Your feet will be softened.